Nvim Plugin Template

nvim-plugin-template #

Neovim plugin template with CI test and docs publish.

Usage #

  1. Click use this template button to generate your own Neovim plugin repository.
  2. Clone your plugin repository. Open terminal then cd into the plugin directory.
  3. Run python3 rename.py your-plugin-name, this will replace all nvim-plugin-template to your plugin-name. Then it will prompt you to input y or n to remove example codes in init.lua and test/plugin_spec.lua. If you are familiar with this repository, just type y. If you are new to this template, I suggest you look at them first. After these step, the rename.py will also auto remove itself.

Now you have a clean plugin environment. Enjoy!

Format #

Format use stylua with built-in .stylua.toml.

Test #

Use vusted for test. Install by using luarocks --lua-version=5.1 install vusted then run vusted test for your test cases.

Create test case in test directory. File rule is foo_spec.lua with _spec.

More usage please check busted usage.

CI #

CI support: auto generate documentation from README. Run integration test and lint check by stylua.

More #

For more usage, you can take a look at my other plugins.

License #

Licensed under the MIT license.