Usage #

Invoke by running :Lspsaga peek_definition and :Lspsaga peek_type_definition. Layout is drawer and is currently the only one available. If you want to go to the definition, use :Lspsaga goto_definition and :Lspsaga goto_type_definition.


Default Options #

Default options in definition section:

  • width = 0.6 defines float window width
  • height = 0.5 defines float window height

Default Keymaps #

  • edit = '<C-c>o'
  • vsplit = '<C-c>v'
  • split = '<C-c>i'
  • tabe = '<C-c>t'
  • quit = 'q'
  • close = '<C-c>k'

Why the Keymaps Are Not a Single Character? #

It calls peek_definition, meaning you can edit and save in drawer window. The buffer is just a normal buffer. To avoid keymap conflict, a prefix <C-c> was used. If you are sure you won’t do any editing in the peek_definition window, you can tell Lspsaga to use a single character keymaps like config below:

    definition = {
        keys = {
            edit = 'o'

Maybe support for multiple keymap layout is a good way? Like :Lspsaga peek_definition key_1? IDK