Usage #

The callhierarchy module has two commands, :Lspsaga incoming_calls and :Lspsaga outgoing_calls.


Default Options #

Default options in callhierarchy section:

  • layout = 'float'
    • Layout normal and float
    • Or you can pass in an extra argument like :Lspsaga incoming_calls ++normal, which overrides this option

Default Keymaps #

Default keymaps in callhierarchy.keys:

  • edit = 'e' edit (open) file
  • vsplit = 's' vsplit
  • split = 'i' split
  • tabe = 't' open in new tab
  • quit = 'q' quit layout
  • shuttle = '[w' shuttle bettween the layout left and right
  • toggle_or_req = 'u' toggle or do request
  • close = '<C-c>k' close layout

Suggest Workflow #

Same as finder, use keys.shuttle to jump between the layout windows.