Usage #

Dynamically render breadcrumb symbols in your winbar, similar to IDEs



This module is the prerequisite for the outline and the implement module.

Default Options #

Default options in symbol_in_winbar section:

  • enable = true
    • Enable
  • separator = ' › '
    • Separator symbol
  • hide_keyword = false when true some symbols like if and for
    • Will be ignored (need treesitter)
  • show_file = true
    • Show file name before symbols
  • folder_level = 1
    • Show how many folder layers before the file name
  • color_mode = true
    • true mean the symbol name and icon have same color. Otherwise, symbol name is light-white
  • delay = 300
    • Dynamic render delay

Use in Custom Statusline or Winbar #

There’s an API that you can use to get the stl format symbol string that you can use in statusline.