Welcome to nvimdev!

What is nvimdev? #

nvimdev is an organization that maintains all the plugins made by glepnir.

Plugins #

lspsaga.nvim: Neovim LSP enhancement plugin

dashboard-nvim: Fancy Neovim start screen

guard.nvim: Async format and linting utility for Neovim

template.nvim: Template for Neovim

indentmini.nvim: A minimalist indent plugin

dyninput.nvim: Dynamically change input character

dbsession.nvim: A simple session management plugin

nerdicons.nvim: Search, copy, and paste Nerd Fonts icons

flybuf.nvim: Show buffers list in float window and quickly navigate between

hlsearch.nvim: Auto hide and rehighlight the search pattern

nvim-plugin-template: Neovim plugin template with CI and integration test

dope: Neovim config template

Troubleshooting #

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Backers #

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